There’s More to a Home Inspection than Meets the Eye!

Home Inspections are Essential – When Buying, Selling and Home INspectionsPeriodically! This article points out what to “expect” from an Inspection. We at Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) would replace the word “expect” with “Demand”! Visit –

Getting an inclusive, in depth Inspection – what PPR refers to as a Forensic Inspection – is essential for you and your family’s safety, peace-of-mind and financial stability.

At PPR we have developed a Home Inspection methodology that utilizes sets of skilled trade professionals to look into the bones of your home and property.

Demand a thorough “Forensic Inspection”! Help Prevent Disasters! Want information or a quote? – Call or Text – 216.577.5579 or Email

project manager, condo renovation watchdog,PPR will be your WatchDog!

The following article in the Washington Post outlines how to select  home inspector!

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