5 Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) Services – Providing Accurate Quotes and Answering Pricing Questions!

Providing Accurate Quotes for Renovations, Remodeling, Construction Additions and other Real Estate Related Services is a Complicated Task with Many Variables

At Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) we are dedicated to providing accurate quotes that will enable our Clients to make empowered decisions that in the end provide the Client services they deserve and will do wonders for the PPR Reputation.

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Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) has had many inquiries about the pricing of our 5 Real Estate Services. Because each of the services is customized to meet the potential Client’s specific needs and the pricing is flexible, the quotes will vary. For each of the 5 Services it is also important for the potential client to understand what differentiates PPR from what might be perceived as competition.

In order to provide potential Clients with a better understanding of our Services and Pricing Process, we put together Service and Price Descriptions. The following are links to each of the 5 Services Pricing Pages:

1) Site Location Service- https://wp.me/p9jfNN-zb

2) Forensic Real Estate Inspection Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-zA

3) Renovation Project Management Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-Ac

4) Decluttering Organizing Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-Av

5) Home Watch/Visitation Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-AG

It’s important to remember that no two real estate projects are the same. This means that PPR must create custom estimates for each of the 5 Services for each potential client. The PPR goal is to always provide our potential clients with the information necessary to make the best possible decisions on each of the their projects.

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Pricing Information for PPR’s Site Location Services – Your Real Estate Investment WatchDog!

Flexible Pricing to Meet the Client’s Property Site Location Search Needs

About PPR Property Site Location Search Pricing

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR’s Real Estate Property Site site location, property finders, locating a propertyLocation Search Services, it is essential to outline two important factors:

1) How the PPR Site Location Search Service differs from services most often offered by an agent contracted with a real estate brokerage company.

2) What components contribute to the price estimate for a PPR Real Estate Site Location Search.

The PPR Difference:

A) The norm in the commercial and industrial real estate property sector for site location search is to utilize a site location professional; PPR is unique in that it also offers this service to the residential real estate sector as well.

B) PPR is client-centric and biased toward our Client’s interests –- PPR operates as our Client’s sole representative, not as a representative of both the buyer and the seller (dual agency) as is the norm for brokers contracted with a real estate brokerage company. PPR does not accept real estate commissions.

C) PPR utilizes a personalized questionnaire when interviewing potential Clients to ascertain their Site Location needs. These include, but are not limited to: Geographic Location(s), Type of Property(s) , Demographics, Unique Features, Price Points, and motivating forces behind the desired search.

D) PPR provides our Clients a weekly written, itemized update of PPR’s activities, including: site locations, pictures, videos, building specifications, expenses and an invoice, payable within 7 business days of receipt.

E) PPR keeps open, ongoing lines of communication with our Clients!

The Price Components for a PPR Real Estate Site Location Search

1. Time — Estimated hours to complete the PPR Property Search converted into a weekly and monthly total.

2. Hourly Wage – To be multiplied by our estimated weekly or monthly hours.

3. Travel and Related Expenses – Based on a previously agreed-upon daily, weekly or monthly amount.

Producing an Estimated Price for the PPR Forensic Inspection

After PPR has gathered the above information utilizing a comprehensive checklist during a phone appointment with the potential Client, PPR will provide the Client an itemized Estimated Price for the Project Management of a Real Estate Property Site Location Search within 5 business days. Should the Owner decide to proceed with the PPR Property Site Location Search, the Payment of the good faith retainer, based on 20% of the Estimated Price for the Property Site Location Search is due 72 hours prior to the scheduled start date and time.

Finalizing the Price for the PPR Site Location Search

The Final Price for the PPR Site Location Search and the Comprehensive Report will be invoiced to the Client with the delivery of the Report. The amount of the Final Invoice will not exceed the Estimated Price unless, during the Search process itself, unexpected needs arise in order to provide additional data about a property of interest. In such a case, the PPR Project Manager will contact the Client to get permission to proceed; confirmation will occur in writing by text or email; time and materials for the work above and beyond the estimate will be added to the Final Invoice.

site location watchdog, watchdog, site locationDo you have questions about the PPR Property Site Location Search Service or Pricing as it could be applicable to your Residential or Commercial property? Email or give Phil a call…we look forward to hearing about your real estate challenges!

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Who Can Protect Your Real Estate Interests – Residential & Commercial?

PPR – We’re Your Real Estate WatchDog!

What Does PPR Do?

About PPR. We at Properties, Probe and Renovation (PPR) are getting interesting and valuable inquires about the breadth and depth of our services! We are also getting many questions about what PPR does and what differentiates our model in each of our business sectors. In addition, people want to know how PPR can help them! 

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 PPR Services and What We Do. PPR started with a focus on 3 real estate related sectors and added 2 based on market demand. Here are PPR’s 5 key competencies:

3. Onsight Property Management – and we added

4. Decluttering & Organization – web page under construction

5. Home Watch – web page under construction 

 Note: One question generally comes up 1st as people review PPR’s services:

The Question – How can PPR claim superior expertise in each of these diverse specialties?

The Answer – No one organization could effectively provide the all of the following 5 services. Unlike many companies who claim to “Do it all”, PPR vets local industry professionals to meet the specific needs of the client. We then act as the WatchDog as the professional(s) perform their services to assure quality!   

Description of PPR’s Services. The 5 PPR services and how the services can assist potential clients:

1) Site Location. PPR is a Site Location and Real Estate site location, site search, real estate sites Search Company focused on locating the most perfect residential or commercial property per our Client’s financial and/or lifestyle specifications. As our Client’s PPR WatchDog, we are not obligated to dual agency as are most real estate brokers–therefore we consider ONLY the interests of our Clients.

2) Forensic Property Inspections. PPR is a Real Estate home inspections, house inspections, real estate inspectionsForensic Inspection Company utilizing vetted trade experts to perform a thorough, objective probe/examination of the land, physical structure, and systems of the Client’s property of interest to identify current and potential maladies. What value does our PPR WatchDog protection offer our Client? With a thorough analysis of the condition of a property, financial risk is reduced because the current or potential ROI can be more accurately assessed.

3) Renovation Project Management. PPR is an Onsite Oversight Renovation Project Management Company acting as our Client’s project management, construction management, renovation management, remodeling managementPPR WatchDog by supervising a renovation project from inception to completion! PPR works with our Client’s design teams – Architects, Engineers and Designers –  and then vet the repair and installation teams during the construction phases of the project. These efforts protect our Client against poor quality materials and unacceptable installations to better assure the Client’s desired outcomes. Unlike General Contractors who are generally focused on keeping a sub-contractor team together, timelines, and moving onto the next renovation project, PPR is focused on completing our Client’s renovation project to their own specifications. We focus exclusively on our Client’s lifestyle needs before, during, and after the renovation; the quality of their project; and cost-controls.

decluttering, clutter, home decluttering, home organization4) Decluttering & Organization. PPR understands clutter and how to help our Clients overcome it. Utilizing hands-on tools, systems, and solutions for organizing and decluttering, PPR provides vetted professionals who focus on optimizing living and working spaces for renovation prep, downsizing, or refreshing. Respecting our Clients and their possessions is paramount through the sorting, packing, distribution, and relocation process. With efficiency and cost-savings, PPR helps clients  manage their decluttering and organizing projects to reduce stress and frustration!

5) Home Watch. PPR looks after a home and property when the owner is away for an extended period? When seasonal or extended business home watch, house watch, home visitationtravelers, those working out-of-town, absentee owners, lessors, and others cannot regularly oversee their own property, PPR provides a visitation service which verifies the condition and safety of a property during the owner’s absence. In addition, PPR provides our Clients with vetted services and trades to handle emergencies which may arise. Such a simple solution to provide peace-of-mind!

What PPR Provides Clients. People who are looking for or own real estate! More than ever, those seeking and owning real estate require professional services which represent their interests on an unbiased basis – their eyes and ears!. The needs may start with the location of a best real estate watchdog, watchdog, property watchproperty to inspecting the properties in which they have an interest to assisting in renovation project management. PPR becomes our Client’s WatchDog!

How Can PPR Assist You?

The best way is to send us a brief email – phil@contactppr.com – describing your project, location and any questions. You can also call or text Phil at 216.577.5579.