12 Top Reasons Why People Choose Major Home Renovations Over Moving!

Introduction – Often, people decide to embark on a significant home renovation after they have home renovation, the renovate of move decision, facts about renovation, remodeling an older homeconsidered, and then abandoned, the idea of moving. These are people who love their homes, their communities, and the familiar routines they have established over time, but, as a result of changing lifestyle needs, feel strongly that they need to upgrade and/or renovate areas in their home. So, they decide that the inconvenience, time and investment it will take to upgrade and/or renovate is well worth it.

Many times we get very comfortable in a particular neighborhood. You probably know where all the best stores and restaurants are. Moving means you’re going into a strange area that may or may not offer the same amenities and conveniences. Relocating comes with a long list of headaches and issues.” (Patio Enclosures)

The Top 12 Reasons to Commit to a Major Home Renovation:

1) Kids are filling up the Bedrooms. When children are on the way or children need separate rooms and/or more space, it is time to re-think your current bedroom square footage and layout. For example, you’ve always dreamed of enjoying a spa-like Master Suite on the 1st Floor…well, why not consider re-purposing your current Master bedroom into a room for the children or for a playroom or for an office while you add that spa-like Master Suite on the 1st Floor! You have a ranch home? Think about the possibility of adding a second floor addition to solve the bedroom space challenges. Now is the time to seriously look at renovation options with your Project Manager.

2) Here Come Your Parents. When age, financial, or health situations make it necessary for parents and/or in-laws to move in, they’ll need more than just a bedroom…now is the time to plan a “Parent Suite” or Carriage House which will offer your added family members a separate, private living space, kitchen, and bedroom area plus other amenities which offer your elders comfort and dignity. You may even plan to add a separate efficiency apartment to accommodate a caretaker as part of your renovation. Your Project Manager can help you gain insight with respect to the many renovation options available for this type of project.

3) The Old House Just Doesn’t Work For You Anymore. When you realize that your kitchen needs more than refreshing because it just isn’t meeting your practical or aesthetic needs anymore; when the dining room will not fit your expanding family day-to-day or for extended family and friend gatherings; when the existing bathrooms are just plain old and there aren’t enough of them; or your dream of creating a more ideal set of living spaces is not being realized, it is probably time to start planning a home renovation with your Project Manager to be sure that your project outcomes match your expectations.

4) You Deserve and Can Afford More. When your home is a reflection of your old dreams, it may not match up with the dream house you dream of now! You have worked hard, made your way in the world, and you feel you deserve more than what your home, in its current state, can offer. You love your location, you enjoy your property, and your neighbors have significantly upgraded their homes so a renovation investment can be a sound financial strategy. It’s time to secure your Project Manager to begin jump-starting your plans to make those dreams a reality!

5) Your House Isn’t Fun. When your family wants a specialized, light-filled place for entertaining guests; a dedicated space for enjoying hobbies; an accessible, inviting fitness center; a really cool entertainment/theater media room; and a basement which can best be designed for and utilized as a well-planned storage area, it’s time to get your ideas on paper to begin planning your renovation project(s) and checking out which Project Manager will be your onsite oversight WatchDog.

6) You Need Privacy and Space for When You Work at Home. When it is a major challenge for working family members to find the quiet space they need to maximize the quality and time-efficiency of their work, adding a home office as part of your renovation plans may be just the solution. Whether the home office offers a calming environment for the purpose of conducting business, for academic pursuits, or for managing the affairs of the household, it is wise to start listing out your must-haves as you begin planning your Home Office with your Project Manager.

7) Your Cramped Master Bedroom, Closet Space, and Bathroom is Not Exactly Spa-Like. When you retreat to your Master Bedroom and what greets you is the farthest thing from a comfort palace(!), it is time to consider a serious renovation. Whether the additions take the place of the current Master Bedroom or are attached to a different part of your home, you will probably want to add amenities such as a walk-in shower; separate tub area; heated floors; a spa area; sliding doors to a private patio; and whatever else will offer you peace and serenity in this very special place. Take a look at the Master Bedroom pics on Pinterest, start accumulating those renovation ideas, and begin your search for a terrific Project Manager!

8) Your House Is Just Plain. When you walk in through the front door of your home and there is absolutely little which is special about your entry where your family and friends gather, it’s time to invigorate through renovation. Create a fabulous entry; take down some walls to transform your interior into a more open concept plan; add a Great Room with a fabulous fireplace! You get the idea…Now you can start a folder with pics and lists so that you can accumulate your renovation possibilities and begin the search for the Project Manager who will best represent your lifestyle and financial interests!

9) Let the Sun Shine In. When you are continually searching for a place in your home to take in the sun while you enjoy your morning coffee, relax, or casually entertain friends and family, adding an All-Season Sunroom with a Porch can make all the difference in enhancing your daily routines with warmth and comfort. If you are seeing yourself in this picture, it’s time to start planning a renovation project so that you can make your picture your very own reality! And once you have isolated all the ideas you can think of, move on to the next step feeling that you have reasonable assurance that your project will meet or exceed your standards in the most cost-effective way…How? Find the best Project Manager who will protect your interests during the renovation…one who will help you vet your General Contractor, assure quality materials, and vet all the trades-people who will work on your Renovation Project.

10) While You are Renovating, You Want to Create a More Energy-Efficient Home. When planning your renovation, it is not only possible, but vital, to make your newly configured home as energy efficient and kind to the planet as possible. Utilizing the most technologically advanced systems available, those systems will decrease energy costs and pay for themselves over time. New windows, a heat pump, and added insulation are examples of these system improvements. More energy-efficient homes are also more attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell your home since the new owners know that maintenance costs will be lower. Your Project Manager can research your best choices of systems and installation trades-people.

11) It’s time to Reinvest In Your Home For a Future Gain. “Remodeling certain areas of a single-family house is an excellent way for homeowners to add increased functionality and beauty to a property at someone else’s expense. By choosing the right project to enhance your living space, a significant portion of the expense can be passed on to future owners in the form of increased property values.” (Investopedia) Look to your Project Manager to help you figure out which of your home renovation projects will pay off in the future.

12) You Really Enjoy your Neighborhood. If You Move, You Can’t Be Sure You Will Enjoy Your New Neighborhood Nearly As Much. When the decision you face is to match your living space with your lifestyle needs by going through a renovation or to go through the hassle of moving without the assurance that you will enjoy a new neighborhood as much, very often it makes more sense to renovate if your neighborhood justifies the investment. Explore all your options and if your heart and pocketbook best resonate with a renovation, it’s time to gather your design concepts in a new folder marked “Renovation Ideas” and start a search for the best Project Manager you can find.

A Wrap-Up Perspective…

Home renovations are becoming extremely popular right now, and it’s no wonder. They offer a family a new way to experience their home and make changes to it which best suits their needs without having to spend the money moving into or custom-building a new home. Renovations are giving homes the opportunity to redeem their value in the competitive marketplace, and will add sales value to your home when you decide to move…Aesthetically, renovations can help you to keep your home relevant to modern styles while still using your home’s older design to your advantage. This mix of styles is highly sought after in modern design and when selling, it is a huge bonus. ” (Victoia Berndt, Content Creator)

The Bottom Line…

Home renovations are costly, time-consuming, and messy. Still, many people choose to renovate their homes for a variety of reasons. There are almost as many reasons to fix up your home as there are projects from which to choose. Preventing as much chaos as possible during the renovation process is where the PPR WatchDog shines! Our Project Manager becomes your WatchDog…an extension of you and your interests…YOUR representative…YOUR advocate…YOUR eyes and ears…representing ONLY your interests! Our Onsite Oversight from the inception to the completion of your renovation project offers our clients a dedication to producing the most hassle-free, cost-effective lifestyle, the most project quality, the most expedited timelines, and the most financially sound outcomes.

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