The PPR Property Revitalization Real Estate Investment Opportunity!

ThePPR – Property Revitalization Investment Opportunity –- Providing Passive Income and Building a Legacy for Investors!

PPR – Goal 1 – Providing Passive Income 

Why is Creating Passive Income Important To Everyone?

“Passive income is quite possibly one of the most important and central ways that the rich get richer. It’s how you detach your ability to earn from the time that you do have in a day. If you’ve ever heard the term, making money while you sleep,no truer words have been spoken. With passive income, you do make money while you sleep. You also make money while you’re awake. It’s automatic and simply keeps coming in.”

PPR Goal 2 – Build a Legacy

Why is Building a Financial Legacy an Important Addition to Your Financial Plan?

Legacy building is the concept of carrying on your wealth from one generation to the next and the next.

Unfortunately, only 56% of American retirees plan to leave an inheritance for their children. Most believe they won’t have any money to leave their kids after they make it through retirement. But by following a retirement investing plan that works, you can leave a legacy of responsibility as well as a financial legacy that can affect your family and community for generations to come.

Questions From Potential Investors – We’ve had tremendous interest and received many valuable questions from potential investors! We appreciate both! Most of the questions were focused on:

Potential Investors – Update on the PPR Property Revitalization Real Estate Investment Opportunity

  • Types of towns would we’d be targeting?
  • Style and availability of building we’re searching for within the towns?
  • Types of tenants we’d be adding to create income and value?

An equally important question – People want to know the financial goal established by management for the PPR investment? They are simple and obtainable:

  • Substantial Ongoing Income
  • Sizable Capital Appreciation
  • Tax Incentives

Note: Another of the PPR investment goals is to provide an investment opportunity for both active and passive investors – as well as are replicable model for Building Wealth and Creating a Legacy!

Where PPR Property Revitalization is in the Developmental Process? 

The Stage 1 Investment structure is somewhat flexible at this point to accommodate the needs of specific potential investors. The intended outcome is to create a Stage 1 investment team that is dedicated to carefully and profitably expanding on the PPR – Property Revitalization model on a national basis. Stage 1 investors will participate in all of PPR’s Brick & Mortar investments with no requirement for additional funding!

TheStage 2 Investment opportunity in specific towns and buildings is moving fast forward with site evaluation in towns and looking at specific buildings. As soon as the Stage 1 investment offering is completed, we will be making the Stage 2 investment opportunity available – This brick and mortar investment will be the first in a series of offerings for the revitalization of vetted buildings in carefully selected towns. Stage 1 investors will participate in all of PPR’s Brick & Mortar investments with no requirement for additional funding!

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