A Problem Waiting To Happen – An Untended Home!

Who’s Watching Your Home and Property

While You’re Out-of-Town?

 The Problem. When you are out-of-town for any length of time, your home and property is at risk – not just from burglary!

Bad things can happen in a home while you are away, problems home watch services, home visitation, home careinclude: heating and cooling failures; water leaks and damage; insect or rodent infestations; storm damage; mold; plumbing problems; electrical problems; water heater failures; etc. Imagine these problems going undiscovered for days, weeks, or even months! It happens more often than you think!

Precautions like security systems, cameras, and other detection devices -while recommended – have their limitations. Regular human visitations can add an important dimension to providing the home owner with peace-of-mind! This is where a house watcher service comes in.

Note – House watchers are different from House Sitters. House watcher professionals visit your home/property on a scheduled basis to check on its status. House sitters live in your home while you are out-of-town!  

The Solution. A home watcher service that visits and inspects the property on a scheduled basis to make sure that everything is in order and working properly. The service inform their client about all issues and generally will be capable of coordinating the required “fix”. A proper home watch visit takes time and expertise.  The professional is trained to detect the early signs of damage and catch it before it becomes an expensive disaster. Even the most minor mold or water damage will cost thousands!!  Early detection is the key to saving money.

A home watch service will be your “Eyes and Ears”while you are away. They can maintain and protect your most important asset – Your Home. The Service is there when you can’t be. They do the worrying for you and take care of your home while you’re out-of town.

Who Needs a Home Watch Service?

The services are designed to support seasonal residents with vacation homes, vacationers, week-enders, frequent travelers, employees working out-of-town, people on the go, and private owners of vacant property. The service can also be made available to owners of corporate owned properties, homes vacant due to corporate relocation, homes listed by realtors, and bank owned properties.

What Does the Home Watch Professional Do When Visiting the Home and Property? home watch, home visitation

Your Property Watch Services Should Include:

• A thorough check of the properties interior, unattached buildings and the exterior

• Checking that security systems are functioning

• Opening/closing the main water valve as directed by property owner

• Checking smoke detectors and replacing batteries if needed

• Making sure all windows and doors are secure

• Checking for forced entry

• Checking for vandalism

• Checking ceilings for visible signs of roof leaks 

• Checking for flooding

• Checking the humidity levels

• Checking for moisture problems

• Checking for indications of mold

• Checking for plumbing failures

• Checking for pest issues

• Checking for frozen/broken pipes

• Checking for tripped breakers (reset electric appliances)

• Checking all HVAC units and settings

• Running faucets in sinks, tubs, and showers

• Confirming that the refrigerator(s) are working properly

• Checking deck areas

• Visual inspecting the roof and gutters from ground level

• Confirming yard maintenance is being performed properly

• Starting automobile(s) (if requested by owner)

• Ensuring there are no unwanted guests (Squatters) on your property

• Acting as the emergency contact in the owners absence

• Offering additional options specific to your property

What the Home Watch Service Should Provide the Home/Property Owner?

1st and formost Pace-of Mind! The owner needs to know that an experienced professional is looking after their home and property when they are absent and that the professional is highly capable of protecting their most valuable asset – Their Home!

What Should You Expect When Receiving a Quote and Pricing?

The initial consultation – whether by phone or at your property – should be free of charge. During this meeting you should be able to meet the manager and ask any questions you have. The manager should then schedule an onsight inspection and discussion about the services required to establish a price.

The price for the home watch service will vary with the size and the specific needs of the home owner! People shopping for the lowest price should beware – You get what you pay for! Look for value and trust, not for the cheapest price you can find.

What Additional Home Watch Services Should Be Available?

Beyond basic absentee homeowner services, the service should a single-point of contact by overseeing all of the property maintenance, repairs, renovation, remodeling or special projects at your home or property while you are away.

In the event of an approaching storm, the service should be available – at an added cost – to secure your property and alert you to any damages that are incurred.

When a problem is discovered and needs repair, the service should notify the client and make arrangements to have it rectified by vetted professionals. When time permits, the service should discuss the repair options with the client and assist in making an informed decision on how to move forward.

You should not need to worry about broken pipes, flooded basement, storm damage, old newspapers piling up while you are away, or other potential problems. That is why you need a home watcher service.

The home owner should be able to focus on their travels, business, etc. and have Peace-of-Mind! 

What About Insurance and Bonding for the Service?

The home watch service provider should be insured and bonded for the services offered and provide proof upon request.


Before leaving your home and property vacant, there are a number of precautions you can take to protect your home. One of the easiest solutions is to hire a professional home watch service. Having a service on the job may be the difference between minor damage to your home or complete disaster.

Don’t wait until you have a problem!

If you are planning to be out-of-town or currently away from home, the above discussion about Home Watching should be of interest to you! 

Have Questions. 

We at Properties, Probe and Renovation (PPR) will answer your questions and help determine your best options.

property watchdog, real estate watchdog, your real estate eyes and ears, The PPR WatchDog offers all of the above services and more! Let’s see if PPR is a good fit for you. Contact PPR – Email phil@contactppr.com or Call 216.577.5579

2 New PPR Services – Decluttering/Organizing Your Home or Office & Protecting Your Home While You Are Away!

The PPR WatchDog has added 2 new client-centric real estate services: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing 

(2) Home Watching! Take a look below and see the opportunities to meet your needs: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing. Best delegated to the PPR decluttering, home organizing, hoarding, Professionals!

PPR provides Clients with vetted decluttering and organizing professionals who focus on optimizing living and/or working spaces. The services are essential to Clients planning a move or renovation project.

PPR’s professionals treat the Client and their possessions with respect throughout the sorting, packing, and distribution phases  – as well as arranging for dumpsters and PODS as needed. In addition, at the end of the project efficient unpacking and placement of the remaining possessions is treated with equal care.

PPR provides hands-on tools, systems and solutions for decluttering and organizing the Client’s residence or office to create efficiency and cost saving while reducing the Client’s stress and frustration! Let PPR be your partner in the process and WatchDog!

(2) Home Watching. PPR becomes the Client’s eyes and ears!home watching, home visitation

PPR provides home and residence visitation services that verifies the condition and safety of the property during the owner’s absence reporting to the client on a scheduled basis..

PPR’s services are ideal for seasonal travelers, extended business travelers, people working out-of-town, absentee owners, lessors and others who cannot regularly oversee their own property.

PPR will, as needed, provide the Client with vetted services and trades required to handle emergencies. As the Client’s WatchDog PPR will oversee the required repairs.

We’ll be posting information about these new services on our website in the near term. If you want additional information now, please email – phil@contactppr.com or Call 216-577-5579

Let the PPR WatchDog become your eyes and ears!