2 New PPR Services – Decluttering/Organizing Your Home or Office & Protecting Your Home While You Are Away!

The PPR WatchDog has added 2 new client-centric real estate services: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing 

(2) Home Watching! Take a look below and see the opportunities to meet your needs: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing. Best delegated to the PPR decluttering, home organizing, hoarding, Professionals!

PPR provides Clients with vetted decluttering and organizing professionals who focus on optimizing living and/or working spaces. The services are essential to Clients planning a move or renovation project.

PPR’s professionals treat the Client and their possessions with respect throughout the sorting, packing, and distribution phases  – as well as arranging for dumpsters and PODS as needed. In addition, at the end of the project efficient unpacking and placement of the remaining possessions is treated with equal care.

PPR provides hands-on tools, systems and solutions for decluttering and organizing the Client’s residence or office to create efficiency and cost saving while reducing the Client’s stress and frustration! Let PPR be your partner in the process and WatchDog!

(2) Home Watching. PPR becomes the Client’s eyes and ears!home watching, home visitation

PPR provides home and residence visitation services that verifies the condition and safety of the property during the owner’s absence reporting to the client on a scheduled basis..

PPR’s services are ideal for seasonal travelers, extended business travelers, people working out-of-town, absentee owners, lessors and others who cannot regularly oversee their own property.

PPR will, as needed, provide the Client with vetted services and trades required to handle emergencies. As the Client’s WatchDog PPR will oversee the required repairs.

We’ll be posting information about these new services on our website in the near term. If you want additional information now, please email – phil@contactppr.com or Call 216-577-5579

Let the PPR WatchDog become your eyes and ears!