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When It Comes to Residential or Commercial Real Estate, the Mantra is Location, Location, Location…
PPR Can Help You Find Your Dream Property Worldwide in the Location(s) of Your Choice!
(Take a Look at the PPR WatchDog PRICING Information Below!)

Careful Site Location Creates Value. When buying a home or commercial property in any geographic area, the condition and the value of a property can be changed. You can even change the size of the structure itself. One thing you cannot change is the location. The specific location creates the desirability, the desirability creates the demand, and the demand creates the value. While it is extremely important to focus on the availability of the property, it is equally important to understand the nuances of the location including the demographics. In actuality, what our PPR Clients are seeking is a property with a future which matches their dreams and intentions.

The Challenge…Use a Traditional Real Estate Broker or the PPR Site Location Team? PPR represents ONLY the PPR client when hired to do site location work. Traditional Real Estate Brokers often engage in dual agency where the broker is charged with representing the interests of both the buyer and the seller, often to the advantage of neither party. The PPR Site Location Team works with PPR Clients to find the location(s) which meet our client’s specifications and price points.

PPR takes into Account Numerous Site Location Factors When Searching to Meet our Client’s Specifications, including:

  • Location
  • Building Codes
  • Neighborhoods
  • Comparables
  • Demographics
  • Roads and Accessibility
  • Condition
  • Transportation
  • Price
  • Driving Distances
  • Cost of Potential Renovation(s)
  • Schools and Shopping
  • Zoning
  • Required Negotiations

PPR’s Goal for our Clients is to find the best possible property(s) while minimizing risk and maximizing the ROI.

Types of Properties

Our site location Team will assist you in finding a property in virtually any category which meets your specific needs, objectives, and price point. Here are some examples of property types:

Main Residence Island Property Residential Rentals
Out-of-Town Residence Villas Investment Property(s)
Vacation Home Lifestyle Community Commercial Property(s)
Family Compound Country Home Rental Property
Vacation Condo Retirement Communities Other

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Pricing Information for PPR Site Location

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR Site Location Services, it is essential to outline two important factors:

> What differentiates PPR’s services

> What components contribute to the price estimate

The PPR Difference:

> We make our services available to those searching for residential Properties –- not just Commercial and Industrial where a Project Manager is the norm.

> We are client-centric and unbiased –- we do not accept real estate commissions.

> We utilize a personalized interview and questionnaire to ascertain not only the location(s), type of property(s), and price points which are the client’s target for our search but also the motivating forces behind the desired search.

> We provide our clients a written, itemized update on a weekly basis of our activities including: pictures, videos, building specifications and expenses.

> We keep open lines of communication!

The Price Components:

> Time -– Estimated hours converted into a weekly and monthly total.

> Our Hourly Wage -– To be multiplied times our estimated weekly or monthly hours.

> Travel & Related Expenses -– Based on a pre-agreed upon daily, weekly or monthly amount.

After PPR has gathered the required information from the potential client, PPR will provide an “Estimated Project Management Price for PPR Services”. PPR’s invoices will not exceed this estimated amount unless agreed upon in writing by the client.

When the potential Client agrees to move forward, a 20% good faith retainer (based on the Estimate) will be paid by the client. Invoices will be sent to the client weekly to be paid within 7 business days unless otherwise agreed upon.

The PPR WatchDog offers our Clients a (1) Forensic Micro-Property Inspection and Diagnosis of the bones of a property—its structures and systems as well as (2) Onsite Oversight as Project Manager (instead of a General Contractor) of a Property Renovation from inception to completion, with a focus on quality, time, and cost-controls.

The PPR WatchDog will safeguard and protect
your Real Estate Dreams AND Financial Investment!!