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PPR’s Renovation Project Management Flexible Pricing

About PPR Renovation Project Management Pricing Designed to Protect the Client’s Renovation Project Quality, Cost-Controls and Timeline Outcomes!

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR’s Real orenovation pricing, cost of renovations, remodeling costs, estimating construction costs Estate Renovation Project Management Services, it is essential to outline two important factors:

1) How the PPR Project Management Services differ from services most often offered by a General Contractor

2) What components contribute to the price estimate for Renovation Project Management Services.

The PPR Difference:

A) PPR has only one master—our Client. Unlike General Contractors, who often base their decisions about the use of trades-people and materials predicated on existing relationships, PPR serves the Client’s needs and wishes exclusively while demanding quality from the trades and suppliers.

B) PPR Project Managers utilize an ongoing project budget daily, weekly, and monthly to assist in tracking and managing potential overages and savings when compared to budget projections. Project Managers communicate budget changes with the Client as they arise or as agreed upon with the Client.

C) At the project inception, PPR orchestrates the work with and between the Client, architects, engineers, designers and other professionals to take the project from paper drawings to the worksite.

D) Working with professionals and trades for all components of the renovation project, the PPR Project Manager oversees compliance with all local, state, and federal building codes, standards, and regulations.

E) PPR diligently works with all of the workers and trades to assure safe worksite practices and compliance with applicable OSHA regulations.

F) The responsibility of the PPR Project Manager begins at project inception and concludes at the project completion. On an ongoing basis, PPR tracks the total renovation including: orchestration of the project’s professionals: architect(s), engineer(s), designer(s), etc; cost estimates; site preparation; vetting contractors, trades and other professionals; creating time lines; scheduling project workers and trades; ordering and checking materials; client communications; and quality controls.

G) Providing onsite oversight with respect to both human and material resources, PPR Project Managers optimize the quality of each renovation project from inception to completion. They supervise the professionals, workers, and trades to include: hiring; goal setting; commitment to start-up and shut-down times; daily evaluation; quality of work and clean-up; discipline and firing.

H) PPR acts as an onsite referee to resolve disputes between and among various professionals, trades, and suppliers.

I) PPR coordinates the scheduling for the diverse renovation and construction trades required for each component of the Project to create efficient timelines on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the Project.

J) Given that record-keeping is essential to the near- and long-term success of any renovation project, PPR retains copies of all records and documents..

K) Client/Project Manager ongoing, open communications are critical to the success of the Project’s quality, cost, and timelines. The PPR printed and emailed communications to the Client include itemized updates of all PPR Project Management activities.

Producing an Estimated Price for Both the (1) Planning & Inspection Phase and (2) the Onsite Renovation Phase of the PPR Project Management

remodeling costs, renovation costs, construction estimates1. An initial Quote for PPR Planning and Inspection Project Management Services. PPR provides the potential client with an Initial Price Quote – based on hours, the PPR hourly wage, travel and related expenses – which includes, but is not limited to: PPR’s price for representing the Client during the planning stages, overseeing the Forensic Inspection, and working with the other professionals – Architect(s), Engineer(s), Designer(s), etc. – to put the project on paper and develop a projected renovation project cost estimate and timeline.

NOTE. When the potential Client agrees to move forward with the initial Planning and Inspection stage, a 40% good faith retainer will be paid by the client to PPR based on the Initial Quote. The remaining 60% will be paid by the Client to PPR upon the presentation to the Client by PPR of the Forensic Inspection Report, and Project Cost Estimate/Timeline Report.

2. A Secondary Quote for the PPR Onsite Renovation Project Management Services. PPR provides the potential client with a price quote for its role as onsite Project Manager from the beginning of the renovation, including vetting the trades and materials, until completion. During this phase of the project, PPR becomes the Client’s protecting eyes and ears: The PPR WatchDog!

NOTE 1. For the Day-to-Day Project Watchdog Phase, PPR Calculates the Price for Its Services Based on 4 Factors to Create an Estimate.

(A) We estimate the number of days, weeks, and months to completion.

(B) We convert these time frames into man hours.

(C) We multiply the man hours times the hourly wages. (PPR’s wages do not include the costs related to the trades or other professionals.)

(D) We add in travel & related expenses, based on a previously agreed-upon daily, weekly or monthly amount).

NOTE 2. When the potential Client agrees to move forward with the Renovation stage, a 10% good faith retainer will be paid by the client to PPR based on the Secondary Quote. Throughout this stage of the project, invoices will be sent to the client weekly to be paid within 7 business days unless otherwise agreed upon.

Finalizing the Price for the PPR Renovation Project Management Services

The Final Price for hiring the PPR Real Estate Renovation Project Manager will be invoiced to the Client with the delivery of the final communication update. The amount of the Final Invoice will not exceed the Estimated Stage 2 Renovation Price unless, during the Project itself, unexpected time needs arise in order to meet quality, cost, and/or timeline outcomes. In such a case, the PPR Project Manager will contact the Client to get permission to proceed; confirmation will occur in writing by text or email; time and materials for the work above and beyond the estimate will be added to the Final Invoice.

Do you have questions about the PPR Real Estate Renovation Project Management Services or Pricing as it could be applicable to your Residential or Commercial property renovation?

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