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Flexible Pricing to Meet the Client’s Property Site Location Search Needs

About PPR Property Site Location Search Pricing

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR’s Real Estate Property Site site location, property finders, locating a propertyLocation Search Services, it is essential to outline two important factors:

1) How the PPR Site Location Search Service differs from services most often offered by an agent contracted with a real estate brokerage company.

2) What components contribute to the price estimate for a PPR Real Estate Site Location Search.

The PPR Difference:

A) The norm in the commercial and industrial real estate property sector for site location search is to utilize a site location professional; PPR is unique in that it also offers this service to the residential real estate sector as well.

B) PPR is client-centric and biased toward our Client’s interests –- PPR operates as our Client’s sole representative, not as a representative of both the buyer and the seller (dual agency) as is the norm for brokers contracted with a real estate brokerage company. PPR does not accept real estate commissions.

C) PPR utilizes a personalized questionnaire when interviewing potential Clients to ascertain their Site Location needs. These include, but are not limited to: Geographic Location(s), Type of Property(s) , Demographics, Unique Features, Price Points, and motivating forces behind the desired search.

D) PPR provides our Clients a weekly written, itemized update of PPR’s activities, including: site locations, pictures, videos, building specifications, expenses and an invoice, payable within 7 business days of receipt.

E) PPR keeps open, ongoing lines of communication with our Clients!

The Price Components for a PPR Real Estate Site Location Search

1. Time — Estimated hours to complete the PPR Property Search converted into a weekly and monthly total.

2. Hourly Wage – To be multiplied by our estimated weekly or monthly hours.

3. Travel and Related Expenses – Based on a previously agreed-upon daily, weekly or monthly amount.

Producing an Estimated Price for the PPR Forensic Inspection

After PPR has gathered the above information utilizing a comprehensive checklist during a phone appointment with the potential Client, PPR will provide the Client an itemized Estimated Price for the Project Management of a Real Estate Property Site Location Search within 5 business days. Should the Owner decide to proceed with the PPR Property Site Location Search, the Payment of the good faith retainer, based on 20% of the Estimated Price for the Property Site Location Search is due 72 hours prior to the scheduled start date and time.

Finalizing the Price for the PPR Site Location Search

The Final Price for the PPR Site Location Search and the Comprehensive Report will be invoiced to the Client with the delivery of the Report. The amount of the Final Invoice will not exceed the Estimated Price unless, during the Search process itself, unexpected needs arise in order to provide additional data about a property of interest. In such a case, the PPR Project Manager will contact the Client to get permission to proceed; confirmation will occur in writing by text or email; time and materials for the work above and beyond the estimate will be added to the Final Invoice.

site location watchdog, watchdog, site locationDo you have questions about the PPR Property Site Location Search Service or Pricing as it could be applicable to your Residential or Commercial property? Email or give Phil a call…we look forward to hearing about your real estate challenges!

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