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Flexible Pricing to Meet the Client’s Decluttering/Organizing Needs 

About PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service and Pricing

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR’s home decluttering services, home organizing services, decluttering, organizingDecluttering/Organizing Services – for homes and offices – it is essential to outline two important factors:

1) How the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service differs from services most often offered by local individuals.

2) What components contribute to the price estimate for a PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service.

The PPR Difference:

A) PPR provides our Clients with vetted decluttering/organizing professionals who focus on optimizing living and/or working spaces. In addition, these services are essential to Clients planning a move or renovation project.

B) PPR is client-centric, treating our Client and their possessions with respect throughout the sorting, packing, and distribution phases.

C) PPR arranges for dumpsters and PODS as needed, to be paid by Client. In addition, at the end of the project, efficient unpacking and placement of the remaining possessions is treated with equal care.

D) PPR provides hands-on tools, systems, and solutions for decluttering/organizing the Client’s residence or office to create efficiency and cost-saving throughout the process while reducing the Client’s stress and frustration!

E) PPR co-ordinates the decluttering/organizing process with the Client, project manager, general contractor(s) and trades when renovations and remodeling are involved to create efficiency.

F) PPR keeps open, ongoing lines of communication with our Clients!

The Price Components for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Services

1. Initial Phone Consultation — The PPR Initial Home or Office Decluttering/Organizing Consultation is FREE! Call 216.577.5579.

a) For even faster service and an expedited, more accurate estimate of the job cost, PPR asks prospective clients to E-Mail us their digital pictures of the spaces under consideration.

b) The free preliminary consultation is to determine whether or not the PPR professionals can be of assistance. Barring unforeseen circumstances, PPR will be in touch within 24 hours with our determination.

2. Onsite Inspection and Consultation – Should PPR ascertain that it can be of service and the prospective Client agrees to move forward, PPR will schedule an onsite, in-home consultation. This consultation costs $125 for up to 90 minutes. Additional time costs will be determined on a pro-rated basis. During the consultation, PPR works with the prospective Client to discuss the scope of the project and decide which services are best.

3) Professionals and Hours – PPR, following the onsite consultation, will determine the number of decluttering and organizing professionals which will be required to complete the job based on the Client’s desired time frame as well as the number of professional hours required.

4) Determining the Estimated Price for the Decluttering/Organizing Professional or Professional Group – The total number of hours estimated to be needed by the professional(s) to complete the job will be multiplied times the professional hourly wage to determine the total estimated personnel cost.

5) Determining the Estimated Fee for the PPR Project Manager – The fee estimate for the PPR Project Manager(PM) who will oversee, coordinate, and participate in the potential Client’s decluttering/organizing project will be determined by multiplying the total hours estimated to be needed to complete the project by the PM’s hourly wage.

6) Travel and Related Estimated Expenses – Based on the Client’s location, the materials, and any other related expenses required to complete the decluttering/organizing process, PPR will determine the estimated cost factors.

7) Quoting the Estimated Price to the Potential Client – Within 3 business days following the onsite consultation, PPR will call the Client to review the above individual cost factors and provide the estimated total cost for PPR to complete the project.

8) Mutual Agreement/Second Consultation Visit– With a mutual agreement to move forward with the decluttering/organizing process between the potential Client and PPR, PPR will schedule a second home visit with the Client to determine the scope of the project room-by-room, discuss desired outcomes, review the estimated cost for PPR to complete the project and collect an initial agreed-upon deposit/payment of not less than 20% of the estimated total cost.

9) Weekly Invoicing and Payments for the Duration of the Project – PPR will invoice the Client on a weekly basis to be paid within 5 business days. The Invoice will include an hour-by-hour daily breakdown of PPR’s Decluttering/Organizing activities, the number of hours worked by the PPR Project Manager including the hourly wage, the number of PPR professionals involved, their hours worked and their hourly wage, as well as the cost of travel, materials, and other related expenses.

Finalizing the Price for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service

home decluttering services. home organizng setvixes, declutterig, organizingThe Final Price for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service will be invoiced to the Client one week prior to the completion of the project. The amount of the Final Invoice will not exceed the Estimated Price unless, during the decluttering/organizing process itself, unexpected needs arise in order to complete the process to the Client’s satisfaction. In such a case, the PPR Project Manager will contact the Client to get permission to proceed; confirmation will occur in writing by text or email; time, materials, and other related expenses for the work above and beyond the estimated Final Price will be added to a Final Invoice.

NOTE: Should work be required which would be in addition to work included the Final Price paid by the Client, PPR will provide the Client an estimated cost to receive permission to move forward. Should permission be given, PPR will invoice the Client on a weekly basis to be paid within 5 business days.

        Do you have questions about the PPR decluttering, home decluttering, home organizing Decluttering/Organizing Service or Pricing as it could be applicable to your Residential or    Commercial property? Email or give Phil a call…we look forward to hearing about our real  estate plans and challenges!

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