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                        Five Simple and Straightforward Steps:

        1. WHO? 2. WHAT? 3. WHY? 4. WHEN? 5. Contact

1. WHO? It’s all about working with you! PPR is contacting Qualified Investors/Partners who have an entrepreneurial bent and a goal of participating in real estate investments which offer substantial upside potential with limited risk. The Investment recap follows. See if you qualify…

2. WHAT? It’s all about location! The Two Stage PPR Investment Strategy targets buildings in America’s Historic Smaller Towns featuring proximity to colleges, universities, museums, and other cultural attractions. Many of these buildings have long suffered from commercial and residential

historic buildings, building renovation, building revitalization

abandonment and disinvestment as box stores several miles or more from these small towns often put the town’s lower floor retailers out of business while the upper floor residents moved to suburban areas. The buildings are well-priced and ripe for a mixed-use revitalization which will provide a substantial ROI. Is this Your opportunity?

3. WHY? It’s all about ROI! The PPR investment will meet both PPR goals and that of our Investors:

Are the ROI Forecasts Below in Line with YOUR Investment Plan?

Stage 1 ROI – Projected 3 Year Return (Begins after revitalization of Building 1)

Stage 1 ROI – Projected 3 Year Return (Begins after revitalization of Building 1)

Description1st Year ROI %2nd Year ROI %3rd Year ROI %3 Year Total ROI %
Est. ROI per $6,000/5 Unit – 5% Investment100%285%600%985%

Stage 2 ROI – Projected 3 Year Return (Begins after revitalization of the selected Building)

Description1st Year ROI %2nd Year ROI %3rd Year ROI %3 Year Total ROI %
Investment Structure to be Determined28%36%44%100%

? It’ all about opportunity!The PPR Management Team is ready to move forward with the 1st building revitalization. The team has isolated several well-priced buildings in ideal locations which meet PPR’s strict criteria. If this PPR Opportunity is a serious contender for your Investment portfolio, make sure you are in touch with Phil before the subscription has been filled; the urgency revolves around PPR securing its first building before another party makes the purchase. The Stage 1 Opportunity is important; it is exclusive and affords its investors a long-term ROI on the succeeding buildings revitalized! 5. Here’s what you need to do:

real estate watchdog, project management

Review the Documents, Executive Summaries and Supporting Addenda (available upon request). Formulate questions. Make a decision: Is it “No thank-you” OR “How many 5-Unit, $6,000 increments works for me to invest?”. Then, out of courtesy, Contact Phil Eide either way:

Email / Text or Call 216.577.5579

The PPR Property Revitalization Real Estate Investment Opportunity!

ThePPR – Property Revitalization Investment Opportunity –- Providing Passive Income and Building a Legacy for Investors!

PPR – Goal 1 – Providing Passive Income 

Why is Creating Passive Income Important To Everyone?

“Passive income is quite possibly one of the most important and central ways that the rich get richer. It’s how you detach your ability to earn from the time that you do have in a day. If you’ve ever heard the term, making money while you sleep,no truer words have been spoken. With passive income, you do make money while you sleep. You also make money while you’re awake. It’s automatic and simply keeps coming in.”

PPR Goal 2 – Build a Legacy

Why is Building a Financial Legacy an Important Addition to Your Financial Plan?

Legacy building is the concept of carrying on your wealth from one generation to the next and the next.

Unfortunately, only 56% of American retirees plan to leave an inheritance for their children. Most believe they won’t have any money to leave their kids after they make it through retirement. But by following a retirement investing plan that works, you can leave a legacy of responsibility as well as a financial legacy that can affect your family and community for generations to come.

Questions From Potential Investors – We’ve had tremendous interest and received many valuable questions from potential investors! We appreciate both! Most of the questions were focused on:

Potential Investors – Update on the PPR Property Revitalization Real Estate Investment Opportunity

  • Types of towns would we’d be targeting?
  • Style and availability of building we’re searching for within the towns?
  • Types of tenants we’d be adding to create income and value?

An equally important question – People want to know the financial goal established by management for the PPR investment? They are simple and obtainable:

  • Substantial Ongoing Income
  • Sizable Capital Appreciation
  • Tax Incentives

Note: Another of the PPR investment goals is to provide an investment opportunity for both active and passive investors – as well as are replicable model for Building Wealth and Creating a Legacy!

Where PPR Property Revitalization is in the Developmental Process? 

The Stage 1 Investment structure is somewhat flexible at this point to accommodate the needs of specific potential investors. The intended outcome is to create a Stage 1 investment team that is dedicated to carefully and profitably expanding on the PPR – Property Revitalization model on a national basis. Stage 1 investors will participate in all of PPR’s Brick & Mortar investments with no requirement for additional funding!

TheStage 2 Investment opportunity in specific towns and buildings is moving fast forward with site evaluation in towns and looking at specific buildings. As soon as the Stage 1 investment offering is completed, we will be making the Stage 2 investment opportunity available – This brick and mortar investment will be the first in a series of offerings for the revitalization of vetted buildings in carefully selected towns. Stage 1 investors will participate in all of PPR’s Brick & Mortar investments with no requirement for additional funding!

Have a Question or Comment, please send aa email or text — or 216.577.5579

An Unusual Investment Opportunity That Has Tremendous Near & Long Term Potential!

Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) is excited to announce the creation and availability of the first in a real estate investment opportunity, real estate investments, investment opportunityseries of real estate investment offerings. 

The first, Stage 1, provides the investor an opportunity to participate as a Member of the Parent Company. Investors will participate in an uncommon and diligently crafted investment with the goal of providing investors:

  • Substantial Ongoing Income
  • Sizable Capital Appreciation
  • Tax Incentives
The investment criteria and strategy will be targeting smaller historic towns and older mixed-use buildings that will be revitalized to include: retail tenants – possibly a tavern and small town investments, historic building investmentspatio and additional boutique shops on the 1st Floor with upscale apartments on the Upper Levels. Site selections will be all about Location-Location-Location! 

Each building selected will stand on its own and be offered to Stage 2, 3, etc. investors. Stage 1 Investors will have an interest in each of these buildings with no additional required investment.

Units for Stage 1 are available starting at $6000.

Want more information? We’ll send you a One Page Summary, a Two Page Introduction and/or a Simplified Business Plan! Just text or email me your request and/or questions. Phil – 216.577.5579 or

Take a look at this one page description of PPR’s Opportunity – 

ppr investment summary, real estate investment, real estate opportunity, diversified investments,

Planning a Home Renovation? Get a Diagnostic Forensic Home Inspection YESTERDAY!

Your Home Renovation’s Costs, Timelines, and Quality home inspections, house inspections, property inspectionsControls – as well as your Sanity – may be determined by whether you invest in an in depth, top to bottom diagnostic forensic Inspection of all the Home’s Structures and Systems.
When it comes to Home Renovations, what you don’t know will hurt you! The inspection will neutralize the sayings “Expect the Unexpected” and “If It Can Go Wrong, It Will”!
What’s Behind Your Walls? Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or working with a Renovation Construction Project Manager or even a Contractor, all the structures in your home are fed by the same systems—electrical, plumbing, sewer, HVAC, etc.
Do you actually know how healthy any of those systems are in your home?? Because, chances are really strong that there are faults in one or more of those systems. Investing in a renovation project whose faulty systems are connecting to your new project means ripping out the new to make the repairs in addition to repairing the faults elsewhere in your home. That situation is not just a bad dream…that’s called a NIGHTMARE…
Solution? Find out about your home’s structures and systems BEFORE you begin your renovation. And do so in a thorough way using vetted skilled professionals to perform a Diagnostic Forensic Inspection of your property’s structures and systems. We are PPR and that’s what we do. We do not offer a one and done service.
Do you have a Diagnostic Forensic Home Inspection job for us today?? Shoot Phil Eide a text or give him a call…he’s President of Properties, Probe, and Renovation (PPR). He’ll discuss our process, pricing, and scheduling with you.
home renovation, renovation wartchdog, project managerWe’re the WatchDogs whose job it is to represent your real estate interests…
to protect your property, its safety, and its value.
Here’s the number: 216.577.5579
           Here’s the website:  

STOP NOW – Avoid Home Renovation Nightmares – Get a WatchDog!

Are You Embarking on a Home Renovation Adventure? Be Prepared! Expect the Unexpected!! Hire a Project Manager to be Your WatchDog!

Before Starting a Major Home Renovations, think about thisrenovation disasters, project management, construction management – “If you were making a list of the top five riskiest financial ventures open to private people, major home renovations would be right up there. The potential for a train wreck is high unless you make absolutely sure it doesn’t happen…” Steve Maxwell – Considered one of Canada’s top handymen.

A Sad Commentary – Steve Maxwell continued with a lengthy story from a client – here’s an excerpt “I came home to find one of Mr. Contractor’s men sleeping in my basement, and another guy drinking beer from my fridge, but for his part, Mr. Contractor says these claims are all lies (even though he wasn’t on the site). His workers aren’t allowed to drink on the job. And ‘there’s nothing wrong with a guy closing his eyes for a few minutes on his break, is there?’” Problems like the above are not uncommon.

Don’t Drive Yourself and Family Crazy! When home renovation are underway, frustration, stress and disappointments are often the norm. Homeowners and their families face delays, cost overruns, flawed materials, dirty work areas and shoddy workmanship with little or no recourse. To assure the work is being done to specification, the homeowner is forced to be on sight at all times! Many times this is not possible. When you’re away – That’s when trouble begins!

The Basic $ Problem – Unfortunately, most homeowners are not able to supervise jobs on a day-by-day basis. Many General Contractors forgo having a supervisor onsite during every step of the process in order to lower project costs and keep within timelines. In addition, General Contractors work with the trades with whom they have a relationship. They often take overrides on the trade’s hourly wage. The General Contractors do not “Vet” the required trades to meet the owner’s specifications and desires! Remember – Every job should be checked and approved before the walls go up!

renovation management, project management, condominium renovation, construction managementA Simple Solution – Hire a renovation Project Manager like PPR to coordinate the project from inception to completion! Working with a renovation Project Manager removes the owner;s burden for overseeing the project to meet or exceed the owner’s budget, timelines and expectations.

First Things First – It is imperative that along with hiring a renovation Project Manager you get a Forensic Inspection of your entire home before embarking on a project. While potentially more costly than a traditional Home Inspection that takes a cursory look at you home and the systems [Generally $300 to $500], the Forensic Inspection will thoroughly examine all of your home’shome inspections, house inspections, property inspections, forensic home inspection structures and systems to determine their viability and compatibility with the planned renovation. The cost will be dependent on the number of skilled professional trades that need to be utilized to perform the inspection. You’ll be able to make decisions throughout the inspection process to help control costs and save money in the future. Remember – The complicated structures and systems involved with homes require sophisticated diagnostic capacities implemented by trained professionals!

What is the Role of a Project Manager for Your Renovation Project?

> Overseeing – The project(s) from inception to completion

> Planning and coordination – Working with Architects, Engineers and Designers

> Reviewing – Plans and Specifications

> Compliance – Secure permits and schedule inspections

> Insurance – Assists in securing proper coverages

> Budgeting – Each phase of the renovation and the entire project

> Vetting and Hiring – Contractors and trades as required to provide quality and timeliness

> Obtaining cost estimates and bids – From the skilled trades and material suppliers – Generally, at least 3 per specific project

> Creating and Updating Timelines and Coordinating the Trades – The various laborers and trades – ie. decluttering & organizing spaces, demolition specialists, remediators,, roofers, HVAC experts, plumbers, electricians, drywallers/plasterers, tilers, counter installers, flooring specialists, deck builders, and many more.

> Inspecting –  All deliveries for price, quantity & quality

> Returning all Unacceptable/Flawed Materials and Fixtures

> Managing Payments – For all materials and fixtures

> Inspecting all Projects – On a hour-by-hour/day-by-day basis

> Dealing with the Unexpected

> Coordinating the Payment of Trades

> Keeping Accurate Records and job site photos

Establishing & Maintaining Open Communications with You and all other Parties

> Acting as Your Eyes and Ears – Your WatchDog!!

The Difference Between a Project Manager and a General Contractors – Night & Day! The big difference between the two is project managers, project managers make a difference, renovation managementthat the General Contractor is hired to work on a project and to manage his people – the trades. The Project Manager is hired to oversee and represent the Home Owners interests from the projects inception to the completion. The Project Manager answers only to the Home Owner!

The General Contractor may or may not get the work done on budget and on time. The Project Manager makes sure the work is done to the Architects, Engineers, Designer and Home Owners specifications. The Project Manager must oversee the work of the Contractors when one is required!

About the Cost of a renovation Project Manager – Ask Yourself the Following – “Am I wealthy enough to afford the cost of unpredictable overruns, poor quality and workmanship and delays in predicted completion dates? What price do you and your family put on sanity?”

Making the Decision to Hire a Renovation Project Manager – Why hire a Project Manager for your Renovation Project? Chris Mascelli, Clerk of the Works/NYS Certified Code Enforcement Official offers a simple answer – “Because it will save you time, money, and frustration! A Project Manager = Project Success!”

In short, the Project Manager shoulders the responsibility of keepingproject management, construction management, home renovation management, remodeling management your project moving according to plan. The Project Manager’s goal is to manage the project so that it finishes on schedule and within budget, while still meeting building codes, plans, and specs and your expectations. Note – Your Project Manager will also assist with financing, developing timelines and calendars; vetting and hiring trades and on-site workers; developing a strategy for potential conflict resolution; and more.

project manager, watchdog, PPR WatchDogAre you a Home Owner, Potential Buyer, Real Estate Investor Planning a Renovation/Remodeling Project?

What to do next? Give Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) a call to discuss your project and the potential role of a Project manager. Whether or not you decide to work with PPR as your WatchDog, you’ll gain insights into how to avoid a Renovation Nightmare.

What can a Project Manager Do For You?

Tell Us About Your Project – PPR is a Good Listener!

Find Out More About Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) 

We Will Be Your WatchDog!

Email Phil Eide – 

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There’s More to a Home Inspection than Meets the Eye!

Home Inspections are Essential – When Buying, Selling and Home INspectionsPeriodically! This article points out what to “expect” from an Inspection. We at Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) would replace the word “expect” with “Demand”! Visit –

Getting an inclusive, in depth Inspection – what PPR refers to as a Forensic Inspection – is essential for you and your family’s safety, peace-of-mind and financial stability.

At PPR we have developed a Home Inspection methodology that utilizes sets of skilled trade professionals to look into the bones of your home and property.

Demand a thorough “Forensic Inspection”! Help Prevent Disasters! Want information or a quote? – Call or Text – 216.577.5579 or Email

project manager, condo renovation watchdog,PPR will be your WatchDog!

The following article in the Washington Post outlines how to select  home inspector!

We Make a Difference – What Makes PPR’s 5 Real Estate Services So Different?

Properties, Probe and Renovation’s 5 Stand-Out Real Estate r Services? 

the ppr difference, properties, probe & renovation, site location, home inspection, home renovation, construction project management, hoe decluttering, home organizing, home visitation, home watchIntroduction. Properties, Probe and Renovation(PPR) was formed to provide potential and current residential and commercial real estate owners, buyers and sellers 5 distinct WatchDog Services that differentiate themselves in their markets:

  1. Properties – Site Location
  2. Probe – Real Estate/Property Inspection Services
  3. Renovation” – Onsight Renovation/Construction Project Management
  4. Decluttering and Organization – Homes and Offices
  5. Home Watch – Home Visitation Services

Each of the services can stand alone or work on a mx and match basis to meet the Client’s specific needs. Let’s take a look at what differentiates each Client-Centric service:

1) Site Location – Searching for the Client’s ideal property(s) to meet their specifications specifications.

The PPR Difference

 a) PPR works with the Client as a consultant not as a Broker! PPR focuses on the Client’s specific residential or commercial needs on a national basis without regard to commissions.  

b) PPR utilizes a personalized interview and questionnaire process to ascertain not only the location(s), type of property(s), and price points which are the client’s target for our search but also the motivating forces behind the desired search.

c) PPR focuses not only the availability of the property, but also the nuances of the location including the demographics.

d) PPR is unbiased –- We do not accept real estate commissions.

e) PPR searches out listed and unlisted properties as well as soliciting the owners of properties that are not on the market.

f) PPR utilizes vetted professionals on a national basis to assist in the Client’s search.

2) Real Estate/Property Inspection Services – In Depth, Forensic, Pre -Sale, Pre-purchase and Pre-renovation Property Inspection Services.

The PPR Difference

a) PPR does not cut corners to reduce costs or utilize inspectors who are “Jacks-of-all-Trades”

b) PPR utilizes locally vetted experts in their trades who work with tried-and-true tools as well as the latest technologies to analyze and diagnose a property’s bones: its structures and systems from roof-to-foundation and from attic-to-basements.

c) PPR provides Clients a Comprehensive Report which reflects the external and internal condition of the property in which they have an interest.

d) PPR pro-actively assists Clients in avoiding a malfunction of a property’s structures and systems that can lead to financial surprises and difficulties.

3) Renovation/Construction Project Management Onsight, Oversight Services – Your WatchDog during during the planning and construction process for renovation, remodeling and additions..

The PPR Difference

a) PPR has only one master – Our Client! The trades we utilize are locally vetted to meet the Client’s specifications.

b) PPR coordinates and orchestrates the work of all Professionals, including, architects, engineers, and other professionals to take the project from paper drawings to the worksite.

c) PPR meets with the Client on a regularly scheduled basis. We bring our Clients up-to-date on the status of each project component as well as the overall status of the project

d) PPR maintains a Project Budget on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to assist in tracking and managing potential overages and savings when compared to original and budget projections.

e) PPR oversees compliance with building codes and standards. Working with professionals and trades, the PPR WatchDog assures that each component of the renovation project is in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

f) PPR diligently works with all of the workers and trades to assure safe worksite practices and compliance with applicable OSHA regulations

g) PPR tracks the total renovation from inception to completion including: cost estimates, site preparation, vetting contractors, trades and other professionals, creating time lines, ordering and checking materials, and quality controls.

h) PPR supervises the professionals, workers, and trades to include: hiring, goal setting, commitment to start-up and shut-down times, daily evaluation and quality of work, discipline and firing to optimize the quality of the renovations to completion.

i) On a day-by-day basis, the PPR WatchDog examines all project material(s) deliveries for timeliness, quantity, quality, and cost as compared to the order placed. PPR acts to remedy any discrepancies and makes adjustments to the trades’ timelines as necessary.

j) PPR acts as on onsite referee to create a meeting of the minds in disputes between and among various professionals, trades, and suppliers. In addition, when PPR or the Client has questions or concerns with respect to the various professionals, trades, and suppliers, PPR works to negotiate a favorable resolution.

k) PPR coordinates diverse renovation and construction trades for the purpose of creating efficient timelines on an ongoing basis throughout the life of the Project. On a day-to-day basis, the PPR WatchDog sequences and re-sequences the trades involved in any given project to create time and cost inefficiencies based on the ability or inability of one trade or another to complete their work within a given time line.

l) PPR keeps the records essential to the near- and long-term success of any renovation project. Accurate records assist PPR in working with the Client to assure that the Project is on-target physically and financially during the renovation period as well as for creating a final cost-analysis and overview for the Client.

4) Decluttering and Organization of Homes and Offices – especially prior to a renovation project or the Client’s moving.

The PPR Difference

a) PPR understands clutter and how to help our Clients overcome it both physically and emotionally for individuals, families, owners and staff members.

b) PPR utilizes hands-on tools, products, systems and solutions for decluttering and organizing.

c) PPR provides vetted professionals – along with a Project Manager – who focus on optimizing living and working spaces for renovation prep, downsizing, or refreshing.

d) PPR respects the Client and their possessions throughout the sorting, packing, distribution, and relocation process.

e) PPR Project Managers and staff are trained to reduce the Client’s stress and frustration during the decluttering and organizing process.

5) Home Watch/Visitation Services – looking after a home and property when the owner is away for an extended period?

The PPR Difference

a) PPR provides a visitation service which verifies the condition and safety of a home and property during the Client’s absence.

b) PPR provides our Client with vetted services and trades to handle emergencies which may arise. A simple and affordable solution to provide Peace-of-Mind.

c) PPR home watch professionals visit the Client’s home/property on a scheduled basis to check on its status. PPR is also on call should the Client require immediate property attention.

d) PPR professionals do not live in the home creating the potential for wear and tear.

e) PPR professionals inform the client about all issues with the property and generally will be capable of coordinating the required “fix”.

f) PPR professionals are trained to detect the early signs of damage and catch them before they become an expensive disaster. 

g) PPR home watch services are designed to support seasonal residents with vacation homes, vacationers, week-enders, frequent travelers, employees working out-of-town, people on the go, and private owners of vacant property.

h) PPR home watch services can also be made available to owners of corporate owned properties, homes vacant due to corporate relocation, homes listed by realtors, and bank owned properties.

Wrapping It Up – What Differentiates PPR’s 5 Services? More than PPR-Logo, Real Estate Services, sight location, home inspection, home renovation, construction project management, home decluttering, home organization, home visitation, home watchever, those seeking and owning real estate require professional services which represent their interests on an unbiased basis.

The needs may start with locating the best property to inspecting the properties in which they have an interest or to assisting in renovation Project Management.

Additionally, the property owner may require deluttering/organizing services or a professional to visit the property on a regular basis while they are out-of-town.

The PPR WatchDog mission is to maximize the value of a Client’s current and potential residential and/or commercial real estate investments.

These are the Differentiated Services which the PPR WatchDog provides!

  Tell us about your Real Estate Project, Needs and/or Questions!

Let’s see if PPR is a Good Fit for you. 

Please contact PPR – Email 

Call or Text – 216.577.5579

2 New PPR Services – Decluttering/Organizing Your Home or Office & Protecting Your Home While You Are Away!

The PPR WatchDog has added 2 new client-centric real estate services: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing 

(2) Home Watching! Take a look below and see the opportunities to meet your needs: 

(1) Home Decluttering/Home Organizing. Best delegated to the PPR decluttering, home organizing, hoarding, Professionals!

PPR provides Clients with vetted decluttering and organizing professionals who focus on optimizing living and/or working spaces. The services are essential to Clients planning a move or renovation project.

PPR’s professionals treat the Client and their possessions with respect throughout the sorting, packing, and distribution phases  – as well as arranging for dumpsters and PODS as needed. In addition, at the end of the project efficient unpacking and placement of the remaining possessions is treated with equal care.

PPR provides hands-on tools, systems and solutions for decluttering and organizing the Client’s residence or office to create efficiency and cost saving while reducing the Client’s stress and frustration! Let PPR be your partner in the process and WatchDog!

(2) Home Watching. PPR becomes the Client’s eyes and ears!home watching, home visitation

PPR provides home and residence visitation services that verifies the condition and safety of the property during the owner’s absence reporting to the client on a scheduled basis..

PPR’s services are ideal for seasonal travelers, extended business travelers, people working out-of-town, absentee owners, lessors and others who cannot regularly oversee their own property.

PPR will, as needed, provide the Client with vetted services and trades required to handle emergencies. As the Client’s WatchDog PPR will oversee the required repairs.

We’ll be posting information about these new services on our website in the near term. If you want additional information now, please email – or Call 216-577-5579

Let the PPR WatchDog become your eyes and ears!