Do You Want To Stay in Your Home as You Grow Older – Aging in Place?

Aging in Place Means Enjoying Where You Have Lived for Years and Continuing to Build Memories!

The Facts – Nearly 90 percent of people over age 65 want to stay in their homes for as long as possible, according to research by the National Conference of State Legislatures with AARP Public Policy Institute.

Here’s the Problem – ”There are more than 100 million homes in U.S. cities, suburbs and rural areas, yet only about 1% of them are conducive to aging in place, says Rodney Harrell, director of livability thought leadership for AARP, who serves as the organization’s housing expert. Meanwhile, 10,000 Americans turn 65 every day, and more than 80% of those 65 and older say they want to stay in their homes.”

Here are Solutions – At Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR), we firmly believe that to is essential that you plan ahead for the required changes to make your home accessible, safe and enjoyable before it becomes a necessity

There are seven proactive moves you should make to assure your future happiness in the home you love:

1) Personal Planning – Think about what you want and what you need – for the moment don’t consider the cost and how the renovations will be paid for.  

2) Begin the process by working with a Project Manager (PM) – The PM will be your WatchDog! Your eyes aging in place, staying at home, aging with dignity, assisted livingand ears working with you to select and coordinate required professionals – Architects, Engineers and Designers (keep waiting to consider the cost and how the renovations will be financed). 

Why a Project Manager(PM)?

It’s simple! The PM will be at your side – your WatchDog – from the inception of the renovation to the completion representing all of your interests with a focus your specifications, budget, timeline and peace-of-mind. You’ll be able to continue your lifestyle during all stages of the renovation whether you are in or out-of-town!

Think about it this way – A PM is similar to the Manager of a sports team. They do the planning, consider strategies, organize the players and orchestrate the game from start to finish. The manager provide provides the owner and fans Winning Results when they are successful.

3) Engage an Architect, Designer and Engineers as needed. With the assistance of the PM review the renovations you have in mind and discuss the feasibility (keep waiting to consider the cost and how the renovations will be financed).

4) Working with your PM to have your home thoroughly Inspected – not a traditional low cost inspection generally performed by one person for owners selling or buyinghome inspections, house inspections, property inspections homes. You need a forensic, diagnostic inspection checking all structures and systems. You want to avoid unexpected surprises as you begin the renovations and continue to live in your home (keep waiting to consider the cost and how the renovations will be financed).

Note – PPR will perform a Diagnostic, Forensic Home Inspection to provide you Financial Security and Peace-of Mind! 

5) Working with your team – The PM, Architect, Engineer(s), and Designer – develop a renovation cost analysis/budget. Note – Include at least 20% in added costs for material upgrades, added labor costs, and the unexpected. 

6) Meet with your Financial Planner and/or Wealth Manager – Now is time to consider the cost of the desired renovations and how they are best paid for! 

Note – At this point you and your planner(s) should consider many financial factors including: Your liquidity, impact on the home’s value after the renovations, tax ramifications, insurance costs, and your estate planning.

7) Organize & Declutter Your Home – The amount of home decluttering, home organizing, goods that can  accumulate after living in the same house can be overwhelming. Once you have a plan for renovations, you can plan your decluttering strategy

Note – Here’s an idea, take some before photos of your rooms and look at them with a friend or relative whose opinion you trust. Talk with them about your renovation plan and what you need to take out to achieve your desired look and results. This will help motivate you to declutter and get rid of everything that doesn’t contribute toward your goal. 

Make sure all work areas are cleared to protect your possessions and to provide working space for the trades. Decluttering and organizing rooms can be a monumental task!

Think about whether you want to take on the task of decluttering yourself, or whether to work with your PM to find a professional organizer like PPR to help you declutter.  

Aging in Place is more about Planning and Execution than Affordability!  While you may think that renovations targeted for staying in your home are an expensive luxury, consider the following, “A major home remodel can cost thousands of dollars. But it’s often less costly than senior living alternatives. A basic unit in an assisted living facility, for example, runs about $43,000 a year”, according to the latest Cost of Care survey from Genworth Financial.
A recent article in the Washington Post on August 11, 2018 titled “To grow old in your home, renovate accordingly” emphasizes “If you plan to stay in your home well into yourrenovating, remodeling, renovation timing golden years, doing renovations before you retire can make your house more safe and accessible” The article goes on to point out, “But many wait too long to make needed renovations, says Marianne Cusato, an adjunct associate professor at the University of Notre Dame’s School of Architecture. ‘You don’t wait until you have mobility issues to make changes to your house,’”
Renovating your home for aging in place can be a smart lifestyle change and sound financial move – Find Out More!

Do You Want To Stay in Your Home as You Grow Older?

Do You Want To Age in Place But Have Some Serious Questions?

Then Let’s Talk Now!

We’ll explain how the PPR Renovation WatchDog will save you dollars, reduce your stress, assure a quality project which meets your specifications, and deliver Peace-of-Mind! 
project manager, condo renovation watchdog,Shoot Phil Eide a text or give him a call…he’s President of Properties, Probe, and Renovation (PPR). He’ll discuss our process, pricing, and scheduling with you. Here’s the text or call number216.577.5579 

5 Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) Services – Providing Accurate Quotes and Answering Pricing Questions!

Providing Accurate Quotes for Renovations, Remodeling, Construction Additions and other Real Estate Related Services is a Complicated Task with Many Variables

At Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) we are dedicated to providing accurate quotes that will enable our Clients to make empowered decisions that in the end provide the Client services they deserve and will do wonders for the PPR Reputation.

renovation pricing, remodeling pricing, real estate service pricing,

Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) has had many inquiries about the pricing of our 5 Real Estate Services. Because each of the services is customized to meet the potential Client’s specific needs and the pricing is flexible, the quotes will vary. For each of the 5 Services it is also important for the potential client to understand what differentiates PPR from what might be perceived as competition.

In order to provide potential Clients with a better understanding of our Services and Pricing Process, we put together Service and Price Descriptions. The following are links to each of the 5 Services Pricing Pages:

1) Site Location Service-

2) Forensic Real Estate Inspection Services –

3) Renovation Project Management Services –

4) Decluttering Organizing Services –

5) Home Watch/Visitation Services –

It’s important to remember that no two real estate projects are the same. This means that PPR must create custom estimates for each of the 5 Services for each potential client. The PPR goal is to always provide our potential clients with the information necessary to make the best possible decisions on each of the their projects.

Have Questions? Text or Call – 216.577.5579 / Email – — Visit

Pricing Information for PPR’s Decluttering/Organizing Services – Your Home and Property WatchDog!

Flexible Pricing to Meet the Client’s Decluttering/Organizing Needs 

About PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service and Pricing

To provide our potential clients an estimated price for PPR’s home decluttering services, home organizing services, decluttering, organizingDecluttering/Organizing Services – for homes and offices – it is essential to outline two important factors:

1) How the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service differs from services most often offered by local individuals.

2) What components contribute to the price estimate for a PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service.

The PPR Difference:

A) PPR provides our Clients with vetted decluttering/organizing professionals who focus on optimizing living and/or working spaces. In addition, these services are essential to Clients planning a move or renovation project.

B) PPR is client-centric, treating our Client and their possessions with respect throughout the sorting, packing, and distribution phases.

C) PPR arranges for dumpsters and PODS as needed, to be paid by Client. In addition, at the end of the project, efficient unpacking and placement of the remaining possessions is treated with equal care.

D) PPR provides hands-on tools, systems, and solutions for decluttering/organizing the Client’s residence or office to create efficiency and cost-saving throughout the process while reducing the Client’s stress and frustration!

E) PPR co-ordinates the decluttering/organizing process with the Client, project manager, general contractor(s) and trades when renovations and remodeling are involved to create efficiency.

F) PPR keeps open, ongoing lines of communication with our Clients!

The Price Components for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Services

1. Initial Phone Consultation — The PPR Initial Home or Office Decluttering/Organizing Consultation is FREE! Call 216.577.5579.

a) For even faster service and an expedited, more accurate estimate of the job cost, PPR asks prospective clients to E-Mail us their digital pictures of the spaces under consideration.

b) The free preliminary consultation is to determine whether or not the PPR professionals can be of assistance. Barring unforeseen circumstances, PPR will be in touch within 24 hours with our determination.

2. Onsite Inspection and Consultation – Should PPR ascertain that it can be of service and the prospective Client agrees to move forward, PPR will schedule an onsite, in-home consultation. This consultation costs $125 for up to 90 minutes. Additional time costs will be determined on a pro-rated basis. During the consultation, PPR works with the prospective Client to discuss the scope of the project and decide which services are best.

3) Professionals and Hours – PPR, following the onsite consultation, will determine the number of decluttering and organizing professionals which will be required to complete the job based on the Client’s desired time frame as well as the number of professional hours required.

4) Determining the Estimated Price for the Decluttering/Organizing Professional or Professional Group – The total number of hours estimated to be needed by the professional(s) to complete the job will be multiplied times the professional hourly wage to determine the total estimated personnel cost.

5) Determining the Estimated Fee for the PPR Project Manager – The fee estimate for the PPR Project Manager(PM) who will oversee, coordinate, and participate in the potential Client’s decluttering/organizing project will be determined by multiplying the total hours estimated to be needed to complete the project by the PM’s hourly wage.

6) Travel and Related Estimated Expenses – Based on the Client’s location, the materials, and any other related expenses required to complete the decluttering/organizing process, PPR will determine the estimated cost factors.

7) Quoting the Estimated Price to the Potential Client – Within 3 business days following the onsite consultation, PPR will call the Client to review the above individual cost factors and provide the estimated total cost for PPR to complete the project.

8) Mutual Agreement/Second Consultation Visit– With a mutual agreement to move forward with the decluttering/organizing process between the potential Client and PPR, PPR will schedule a second home visit with the Client to determine the scope of the project room-by-room, discuss desired outcomes, review the estimated cost for PPR to complete the project and collect an initial agreed-upon deposit/payment of not less than 20% of the estimated total cost.

9) Weekly Invoicing and Payments for the Duration of the Project – PPR will invoice the Client on a weekly basis to be paid within 5 business days. The Invoice will include an hour-by-hour daily breakdown of PPR’s Decluttering/Organizing activities, the number of hours worked by the PPR Project Manager including the hourly wage, the number of PPR professionals involved, their hours worked and their hourly wage, as well as the cost of travel, materials, and other related expenses.

Finalizing the Price for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service

home decluttering services. home organizng setvixes, declutterig, organizingThe Final Price for the PPR Decluttering/Organizing Service will be invoiced to the Client one week prior to the completion of the project. The amount of the Final Invoice will not exceed the Estimated Price unless, during the decluttering/organizing process itself, unexpected needs arise in order to complete the process to the Client’s satisfaction. In such a case, the PPR Project Manager will contact the Client to get permission to proceed; confirmation will occur in writing by text or email; time, materials, and other related expenses for the work above and beyond the estimated Final Price will be added to a Final Invoice.

NOTE: Should work be required which would be in addition to work included the Final Price paid by the Client, PPR will provide the Client an estimated cost to receive permission to move forward. Should permission be given, PPR will invoice the Client on a weekly basis to be paid within 5 business days.

        Do you have questions about the PPR decluttering, home decluttering, home organizing Decluttering/Organizing Service or Pricing as it could be applicable to your Residential or    Commercial property? Email or give Phil a call…we look forward to hearing about our real  estate plans and challenges!

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Who Can Protect Your Real Estate Interests – Residential & Commercial?

PPR – We’re Your Real Estate WatchDog!

What Does PPR Do?

About PPR. We at Properties, Probe and Renovation (PPR) are getting interesting and valuable inquires about the breadth and depth of our services! We are also getting many questions about what PPR does and what differentiates our model in each of our business sectors. In addition, people want to know how PPR can help them! 

real estate, properties, probe, renovation, PPR

 PPR Services and What We Do. PPR started with a focus on 3 real estate related sectors and added 2 based on market demand. Here are PPR’s 5 key competencies:

3. Onsight Property Management – and we added

4. Decluttering & Organization – web page under construction

5. Home Watch – web page under construction 

 Note: One question generally comes up 1st as people review PPR’s services:

The Question – How can PPR claim superior expertise in each of these diverse specialties?

The Answer – No one organization could effectively provide the all of the following 5 services. Unlike many companies who claim to “Do it all”, PPR vets local industry professionals to meet the specific needs of the client. We then act as the WatchDog as the professional(s) perform their services to assure quality!   

Description of PPR’s Services. The 5 PPR services and how the services can assist potential clients:

1) Site Location. PPR is a Site Location and Real Estate site location, site search, real estate sites Search Company focused on locating the most perfect residential or commercial property per our Client’s financial and/or lifestyle specifications. As our Client’s PPR WatchDog, we are not obligated to dual agency as are most real estate brokers–therefore we consider ONLY the interests of our Clients.

2) Forensic Property Inspections. PPR is a Real Estate home inspections, house inspections, real estate inspectionsForensic Inspection Company utilizing vetted trade experts to perform a thorough, objective probe/examination of the land, physical structure, and systems of the Client’s property of interest to identify current and potential maladies. What value does our PPR WatchDog protection offer our Client? With a thorough analysis of the condition of a property, financial risk is reduced because the current or potential ROI can be more accurately assessed.

3) Renovation Project Management. PPR is an Onsite Oversight Renovation Project Management Company acting as our Client’s project management, construction management, renovation management, remodeling managementPPR WatchDog by supervising a renovation project from inception to completion! PPR works with our Client’s design teams – Architects, Engineers and Designers –  and then vet the repair and installation teams during the construction phases of the project. These efforts protect our Client against poor quality materials and unacceptable installations to better assure the Client’s desired outcomes. Unlike General Contractors who are generally focused on keeping a sub-contractor team together, timelines, and moving onto the next renovation project, PPR is focused on completing our Client’s renovation project to their own specifications. We focus exclusively on our Client’s lifestyle needs before, during, and after the renovation; the quality of their project; and cost-controls.

decluttering, clutter, home decluttering, home organization4) Decluttering & Organization. PPR understands clutter and how to help our Clients overcome it. Utilizing hands-on tools, systems, and solutions for organizing and decluttering, PPR provides vetted professionals who focus on optimizing living and working spaces for renovation prep, downsizing, or refreshing. Respecting our Clients and their possessions is paramount through the sorting, packing, distribution, and relocation process. With efficiency and cost-savings, PPR helps clients  manage their decluttering and organizing projects to reduce stress and frustration!

5) Home Watch. PPR looks after a home and property when the owner is away for an extended period? When seasonal or extended business home watch, house watch, home visitationtravelers, those working out-of-town, absentee owners, lessors, and others cannot regularly oversee their own property, PPR provides a visitation service which verifies the condition and safety of a property during the owner’s absence. In addition, PPR provides our Clients with vetted services and trades to handle emergencies which may arise. Such a simple solution to provide peace-of-mind!

What PPR Provides Clients. People who are looking for or own real estate! More than ever, those seeking and owning real estate require professional services which represent their interests on an unbiased basis – their eyes and ears!. The needs may start with the location of a best real estate watchdog, watchdog, property watchproperty to inspecting the properties in which they have an interest to assisting in renovation project management. PPR becomes our Client’s WatchDog!

How Can PPR Assist You?

The best way is to send us a brief email – – describing your project, location and any questions. You can also call or text Phil at 216.577.5579. 


Clutter Be Gone! “The PPR Three Keys To Sorting”– Save It. Donate It. Throw it.!!!

The Key to Better Living or a Real Estate: Sale, Move, Inspection, or Renovation

PPR Backstory, Questions, Answers, and Definitions

Topic 1PPR (Properties, Probe & Renovation) is a residential and commercial real estate WatchDog service provider offering 5 Services: 1. Site Location 2Forensic Property Inspections  3Renovation Project Management 4Decluttering Services 5. Home Watch Services.

Q. Why is PPR concerned with Clutter?   

clutter, decluttering, home organization A. PPR needs a cleared or empty space to efficiently and cost-effectively manage a real estate sale; an exhaustive property inspection; or a renovation. Clutter impedes sale attractiveness and/or access to structures, systems, and rooms during inspection and renovation efforts.

Topic 2. Most all of us are clutterers at one time or another.

Q. How is a Clutter defined?

A. A Clutterer is someone who has accumulated a large group of usually unrelated or marginally related objects which are piled together in a disorganized fashion in spaces designed for other purposes. A Clutterer can make rational decisions when confronted with the clutter problem.

Generally, the Clutterer’s mess does not interfere with day to day life and is not a threat to health or safety. Most Clutterers, according to, call themselves hoarders, but fortunately, only a very small percentage of Clutterers are truly hoarders. With assistance, a Clutter will help with the process of organizing and cleaning-up clutter: the sorting, storage, donating, and disposal of the items, room-by-room.

Topic 3. The spaces occupied by Hoarders present safety and health hazards which prevent PPR from assisting them. With professional services, together with medical intervention and medication, however, Hoarders can be assisted to create safe living spaces.

Q. How is a Hoarder defined?

A. A hoarder is someone who collects things in their hoaring, dehoarding, clutter, clutterershome obsessively, including things that would commonly be thrown away: bags, old food, or broken items. Hoarding is a mental illness characterized by the compulsive need to purchase or acquire items from various sources and to keep them even when they are no longer useful. Hoarders cannot make rational decisions about what is useful and what is not. Hoarding differs from clutter due to the sheer size of the mess. The hoards are gigantic and debilitate the quality of living for the hoarder. Hoarding items like food, garbage, waste, and bodily fluids can pose serious threats to the home’s inhabitants. Media stories often focus on hoarding, since hoarding makes better copy than cluttering, but less than 1% of the population are hoarders. Hoarding needs to be treated by a psychiatrist and medications are often prescribed.

Topic 4PPR can assist Clutterers to organize their living spaces utilizing “The Three Category Sort”– Save It. Donate It. Throw It. The process can be challenging, so PPR assists Client’s empathetically and with organizational strategies which make the job manageable and as stress-free as possible. PPR does not have the capacity to assist Hoarders.

Q. Why can’t PPR assist Hoarders?

A. As defined above, hoarding is a psychiatric condition which most often requires medical and medicinal intervention. PPR does not have the expertise or resources to offer such a service.


Happiness is a place between too little and too much” – Finnish Proverb


Topic 5. Clutterers are generally aware that they would be happier living in a Decluttered living space.

Q. What are the most common reasons people do not begin the decluttering process?

A. The item(s) may be needed someday. The items have sentimental value – they are all about family. The items were gifts from friends and family. Certain objects symbolize some type of dream which the Clutterer chooses not to relinquish. Other objects were expensive. The sheer magnitude of the project ahead can be overwhelming.

Topic 6. For a variety of reasons, Clutterers often get to a point where they are driven to clear their living spaces.

Q. Who are PPR’s Ideal Clients for Our Decluttering Services?

A. Individuals, Partners, and Families who are seeking a better lifestyle; not able to physically carry or lift items to their proper space; working with family properties that are in transition; preparing to start a renovation project; preparing to sell a residential property; preparing to downsize for an eventually move; making a work space more user friendly.

Topic 7. Asking for assistance to manage a cluttered living space can be a challenge. PPR understands that challenge and consistently assists and supports our Clients without judgment. Our goal is to have our Clients view their efforts as a self-satisfying and tangible set of step-by-step actions.

Q. What Does PPR—the Project Manager and the PPR Trained Associates–Do to Assist a Client in the Decluttering Process?

A. The PPR Project Manager and trained associates are compassionate and caring throughout the entire process. Working with the Client, PPR will outline the systematic decluttering process room-by-room, and storage space-by-storage space, including the basement, attic, garage, etc. PPR personnel will help sort and organize items into three categories: Save it. Donate it. Throw it. PPR will clearly mark all storage boxes of saved items as well as maintain an inventory of donated items. PPR will also work closely with all professionals and trades working on renovation or other projects for the client.

PPR will be in constant communication with the Client and discuss the status of all possessions being sorted. Upon Client approval dumpsters and trash removal will be ordered for the Client by PPR as required; likewise, PODs and other storage units will be ordered and maintained by PPR for the Client, as required.

The PPR project manager and the trained associates will be insured and bonded. PPR will provide the Client a weekly invoice based on the agreed-upon hourly wages as well as a detailed breakdown of services rendered by the Project Manager and the Trained Associates working on the Client’s Decluttering Project.

Topic 8. Decluttering and Organizing a space or set of spaces can be time-consuming.

Q. How does PPR Determine a Price for its Time when Offering its Home Organizing and Decluttering Services?

A. The PPR Initial Home Organizing and Decluttering Consultation is FREE and for convenience, PPR conducts it over the phone! Call 216.577.5579. For even faster service and an expedited estimate, PPR asks prospective clients to E-Mail us their digital pictures of the spaces under consideration. PPR has a series of non-personal questions to ask about the prospective Client’s home organizing needs; there are no wrong answers! The free preliminary call is to determine whether or not the PPR professionals can be of assistance. Barring unforeseen circumstances, PPR will be in touch within 24 hours with our determination. 

Should PPR ascertain that it can be of service and the prospective Client agrees to move forward, PPR will schedule an onsite, in-home consultation. This consultation costs $75 for up to 90 minutes. During the consultation, PPR will discuss the scope of the project and decide which services are best. With a mutual agreement to move forward with the project, PPR will schedules a second home visit with the Client to determine the scope of the project room-by-room, discuss desired outcomes, review the estimated cost for PPR to complete the project, and, to collect an initial agreed-upon deposit/payment of not less than 20% of the estimated total cost.

Topic 9. Most of us are reluctant to admit that our living spaces have gotten so cluttered that we need assistance to get the job done. But, asking for help with cleaning-up the clutter in your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming, overwhelming, frustrating or embarrassing process.

PPR, renovation oversight, your property watchdogQ. How do I ask the PPR WatchDog for help in determining whether or not they can help me Declutter my living spaces?

A. Just call 216.577.5579. You will be talking to or leaving a message with Phil, our President and Senior Project Manager, who is an all around nice guy who totally gets how challenging the process of getting started with a decluttering project can be. If that seems too daunting, just email Phil at and tell him about your project; he’ll get back to you to figure out the best next steps!

A place for everythingeverything in its place.”  – Benjamin Franklin