Officers and Board of Directors

Phil EideDelivering to PPR a Long, Diverse Career Focused on:

  • Construction Management
  • Property Management
  • Finance
  • Real Estate Investment
  • Property Renovations
  • Site Location
  • Spatial Organization

At age 16, I began my interest and career in real estate by assisting my Uncle in the management of 2 warehouses in Greater Cleveland – one on the Eastside and one on the Westside. I learned from pros as we managed, maintained and developed over a million square feet of multi-tenant space. I became my Uncle’s eyes and ears for the purpose of protecting his investment interests…in other words: I became his Watchdog!

After a formal education, I returned to the real estate marketplace focusing on site location, property renovations, development, and investments. Throughout the years, I was fortunate to work with and learn from firms which specialized in: real estate brokerage, site location, property management, renovation project management, investments, and finance.

Working with my partner, Maxine Collin, we co-created Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) with the goal of providing potential and current property owners personal, owner representative WatchDog services including…
  • site location without the complication of dual agency and/or
  • forensic, in-depth property owner, pre-purchase and pre-renovation property inspection services conducted by vetted trades experts and/or
  • comprehensive, onsite oversight renovation project management from design inception with project architects and engineers, through construction, to the client’s desired outcomes

Maxine Collin

Delivering to PPR a Long, Diverse Career Focused on:

  • Professional Staff Training
  • Coordinating Teams
  • Client-Focused Relations
  • Client Advocacy
  • Scheduling and Organization
  • Budgeting and Administration

With a background in sociology, health science education, patient practice, teaching, supervising, project organization, and staff training, I worked with Phil Eide, my long-standing partner from previous ventures, to form PPR–Properties Probe and Renovation.

Our ONLY goal is to offer residential and commercial real estate WatchDog services to protect the property investments of our clients.

My WatchDog role in PPR, working with my partner, Phil Eide, includes supporting our client’s real estate investment, lifestyle, timeline, and project budgetary goals by…
  • best defining the use and budget of their real estate project(s)
  • understanding the challenges and achieving their best results with real estate search, and/or forensic inspection(s), and/or owner representation from project design, through construction, to the client’s desired outcomes
  • choosing and comparing materials for a property renovation based on five factors: personal choice and/or need, value, quality and durability at the best price
  • understanding and helping to manage the scheduling and vetting process involved with the multiple trades-people who will be involved in the various elements of property forensic probe and/or renovation
  • supervising renovation projects to assure that architect, engineer, and client specifications with respect to materials and installation are being honored by each trade for each component of a renovation
To Wrap Up…

As your PPR WatchDog, we will protect your interests as we work together to (1) Search for a Residential or Commercial Property; (2) and/or Conduct a Forensic Property Inspection; and/or Vet and Assemble an Expert Renovation Team to Complete your Project.

Let’s discuss your Project. Just click here to fill out the PPR Form on the Home Page! Looking forward to talking with you!!

Employ PPR to be your advocate – your personal project WatchDog –
from inception to project completion!

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