The 3 PPR Real Estate Client-Centric Services
The PPR Goal


PPR is A Site Location and Real Estate Search Company…

focused on locating the most perfect residential or commercial property per our Client’s financial and/or lifestyle specifications. As our Client’s PPR WatchDog, we are not obligated to dual agency as are most real estate brokers–therefore we consider ONLY the interests of our Clients.


PPR is a Real Estate Forensic Inspection Company…

utilizing vetted trade experts to perform a thorough, objective probe/examination of the land, physical structure, and systems of the Client’s property of interest to identify current and potential maladies. What value does our PPR WatchDog protection offer our Client? With a thorough analysis of the condition of a property, financial risk is reduced because the current or potential ROI can be more accurately assessed.


PPR is an Onsite Oversight Renovation Project Management Company…

acting as our Client’s PPR WatchDog by supervising a renovation project from inception to completion! PPR works with our Client’s design teams and then vet the repair and installation teams during the construction phases of the project. Those efforts protect our Client against poor quality materials and unacceptable installations to better assure the Client’s desired outcomes. Unlike General Contractors who are generally focused on keeping a sub-contractor team together, timelines, and moving onto the next renovation project, PPR is focused on completing our Client’s renovation project to their own specifications. We focus exclusively on our Client’s lifestyle needs before, during, and after the renovation; the quality of their project; and cost-controls.

PPR Goal

To be our Client’s Real Estate Project WatchDog…

acting to protect our Client’s best financial and lifestyle interests during every step of a site location, forensic inspection, and/or renovation project. PPR protects each project’s quality, bottom-line costs, and timeline to create Client-Specific outcomes while maximizing market value. 

“I can assure you that Phil and Maxine [Properties, Probe & Renovation] will make the entire process go more smoothly, with the best possible results and the best possible prices (for workmanship and materials). And even then, it is likely that something unexpected will come up. With PPR, you will have people who “have your back” in those cases, too!  –Chip May