5 Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) Services – Providing Accurate Quotes and Answering Pricing Questions!

Providing Accurate Quotes for Renovations, Remodeling, Construction Additions and other Real Estate Related Services is a Complicated Task with Many Variables

At Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) we are dedicated to providing accurate quotes that will enable our Clients to make empowered decisions that in the end provide the Client services they deserve and will do wonders for the PPR Reputation.

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Properties, Probe & Renovation (PPR) has had many inquiries about the pricing of our 5 Real Estate Services. Because each of the services is customized to meet the potential Client’s specific needs and the pricing is flexible, the quotes will vary. For each of the 5 Services it is also important for the potential client to understand what differentiates PPR from what might be perceived as competition.

In order to provide potential Clients with a better understanding of our Services and Pricing Process, we put together Service and Price Descriptions. The following are links to each of the 5 Services Pricing Pages:

1) Site Location Service- https://wp.me/p9jfNN-zb

2) Forensic Real Estate Inspection Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-zA

3) Renovation Project Management Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-Ac

4) Decluttering Organizing Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-Av

5) Home Watch/Visitation Services – https://wp.me/p9jfNN-AG

It’s important to remember that no two real estate projects are the same. This means that PPR must create custom estimates for each of the 5 Services for each potential client. The PPR goal is to always provide our potential clients with the information necessary to make the best possible decisions on each of the their projects.

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