PPR's 3 Real Estate WatchDog Services

(1) Properties - Site Location, and/or (2) Probe - Forensic Inspections, and/or (3) Renovation - Comprehensive Project Management!

Let PPR Become Your Real Estate WatchDog!

As your Owner Representative and Real Estate Project Manager, PPR will help optimize the potential of your real estate interests in three ways:

(1) a residential or commercial Site Location/Property Search without dual agency
(2) and/or a Forensic Inspection conducted by vetted trade experts
(3) and/or a Project Renovation from inception, design, construction, to completion.

About (1) Site Location/Property Search. Unlike a real estate broker who generally represents both seller and buyer, PPR represents ONLY our client’s interests.
About (2) Forensic Inspection. Unlike a housing inspector who does not offer an in-depth analysis of a property which prevents our client owner or prospective buyer from obtaining an accurate assessment of the real estate property’s investment liabilities, PPR does a deep dive of all structures and systems to protect ONLY our client’s interests.
About (3) Project Renovation. Unlike most general contractors – who are generally hired exclusively for the construction phase of a renovation project and whose business model depends on his or her loyalty to a staff of trades and materials vendors whether or not these resources best meet your specifications – the PPR WatchDog is concerned with protecting ONLY our client’s best real estate investment from inception, design, construction to completion.

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making a decision to acquire or sell, inspect or substantially renovate a residential or commercial property?

Unlike traditional real estate brokers, inspectors, and General Contractors, PPR protects our Client’s real estate interests as a WatchDog utilizing the 3 mix and match services described above. PPR will be our Client’s very own personal real estate Project Manager from inception to completion with respect to any or all of our services!

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Because PPR does not operate with dual agency, our WatchDog service focuses on locating the one residential and/or commercial property which best meets the specifications of our clients.


PPR performs Comprehensive Property Forensic Inspections utilizing multiple, vetted trade professionals. We offer our Clients a thorough, objective examination of the land, physical structure, and systems of a property to determine the REAL property investment liabilities.


Unlike most General Contractors, PPR, as the Renovation Project Manager, utilizes onsite oversight to protect our Client’s project from inception, design, construction to completion – safeguarding the renovation’s quality, time, and costs. PPR is our Client’s WatchDog!

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